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       Hello, I'm Joe Santagato. I'm an entertainer from Queens, New York. I was born on February 25th 1992. From a young age, there was only two things I enjoyed. Sports & being in front of a camera. I was always begged my mother to let me use her camera until she finally agreed to buy me my own when I was 13 years old. When I first got that camera, I would make short movies, sketches, parody songs, and such. I was always a class clown, always loved making people laugh, & just enjoyed generating smiles from people. It wasn't until one of my friends suggested that I start posting videos on YouTube that I started actually doing so. I had never used an editing program before because my old camera recorded film onto cassette tapes so if I wanted to cut something out, I would have to rewind the tape and just record over it. I knew that if I was gonna post something on YouTube, I wanted it to look perfect. I decided to just try and teach myself how to use iMovie & thankfully it worked out. I bought a new camcorder & I taught myself how to edit things in iMovie. I decided to name my YouTube account "SantagatoTV." 

      I didn't have any clue as to what I'd be posting online because most of my old videos were just random ideas that my friends & I came up with on the spot. The first video I posted was a video of myself waking up my brother by screaming at him. It was about 20 seconds long but I just wanted to post something on YouTube to see how many views it would get. I remember being excited when the video had reached 100 views. A year later, I posted my next video which was a trip that me & my friends took to a summer house in Connecticut. I posted that video on Tumblr & people seemed to enjoy it. A week after posting that video, I decided to make a video answering some questions with my friends that my Tumblr followers were asking me. My followers seemed to love the video so I thought I'd make those types of videos every so often. It just so happens that the next Tuesday, I decided to make a different type of video. I made a video ranting, posted it to Facebook, and received about 50 likes on the video. I was like "Wow 50 likes? I'll keep doing this." The next Tuesday, I released another video talking about Facebook & all the things that bother me about it. Even more people enjoyed that one. It was from that point on that I decided that I was going to keep making videos every Tuesday. Thus,  SantagatoTV was born. (which later became

    Now I have millions of views, hundreds of thousands of fans, & it's all because I have the most loyal fan base anyone could ask for. I appreciate you all & I will do my best to keep you all entertained. I will continue to progress & evolve throughout my career to bring the best product to you. This is just the beginning..


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